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We offer the following modes of payment in our shop:

- Pre-payment
- PayPal

Pre-payment: You can transfer the sum from the comfort of your own home or from your bank. This saves you money on cash on delivery charges and means you will never miss the statutory payment time frame.

PayPal: With a PayPal payment, your bank or credit card details, which are only kept by PayPal, are not re-sent over the internet with every online purchase. Payment with PayPal is therefore extra secure. With only two clicks, your goods are paid for. With a PayPal payment, we will be immediately informed when we have received the payment and will immediately dispatch or order your goods. PayPal is widely trusted by customers and sellers; one third of online shoppers in Germany already have a PayPal account and there are over 175 million accounts in 190 countries worldwide. For more information on PayPal, see http://www.paypal.de/.