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Bernd and Dieter Taubenreuther establisha company for the distribution of construction and agricultural machinery, including service and repair, at the location in Kulmbach – Am Schwimmbad 8


Bernd Taubenreuther sen. takes over the company alone and additionally sells special vehicles such as snowmobiles/slope vehicles for trail maintenance in all of Germany, of course with a focus on Bavaria

In the next few years the premises in Kulmbach was purchased and renovated step by step


Taubenreuther becomes a member ofVBA (association of recovery and towing companies)

The distribution of the American winch manufacturer WARN was also taken on. A completely new market is opened up and the fiercely contested construction machinery sector is discontinued. Special vehicles for off-road use or in the snow continue to be sold. Here, with the Swedish manufacturer AKTIV, technically extremely efficient and robust towing vehicles for use on cross-country trails and also for rescue organizations, including accessories, are further developed. A cooperation that continued until the mid 1980s.


Taubenreuther develops a winch mounting kit for the legendary 8274 WARN winch on the Range Rover


The Range Rovers of the Camel Trophy in Sumatra will all be equipped with this winch & mounting kit combination and ensure that the event is doable at all.


An extreme break in all areas for the company: in this year the head of the company, Bernd Taubenreuther sen., dies suddenly and unexpectedly of a brain hemorrhage at the age of only 44. The whole company has to be turned upside down and important positions have to be reshuffled. The Schmiedel sports store, which had been taken over shortly before, was given up.
Properties have to be sold in order to restructure the company and to keep the banks quiet.
Gisela Taubenreuther takes
charge of the administration, Walter Schaller, a long-time and experienced employee, takes over the special vehicles division. The new area of accessories for off-road and special vehicles is assigned toThomas Schoberth (still with the company) and Peter Taubenreuther. After his apprenticeship at Mercedes, Axel Taubenreuther also joined the company and since then has been in charge of the whole entire technical area, as well as the quality assurance department including ISO certification, which we have maintained continuously since 1997.

Through many trips to Scandinavia and the USA, already during their school time, Peter and Axel Taubenreuther build many personal relationships, which were useful to us and the company in this time and we were trusted to continue running the company. The key to success, until today, is the adaption of the imported products to German and later also European standards. For this purpose, independent assembly kits were developed for all common transport and 4x4 vehicles and also exported as early as the beginning of the 1990s, as the quality and also the technical details were convincing internationally.

The special vehicles division was continued and after the discontinuation of production in Sweden, the US make POLARIS was sold in Germany and Austria by Taubenreuther, this cooperation existed from 1987 and expanded until 2006 – at this time over 400 ATVs and snowmobiles were sold per season through Taubenreuther. In 2006 the distribution was taken over by Polaris Germany.


Taubenreutherbecomes supplier at Mitsubishi in Trebur –until today we deliver winches directly toMitsubishi


First delivery from Australia of ARB with new products such as differential locks and OME suspensions. Except for France and UK, this brand was built up by us in the EU and, until ARB’s decision in 2014 to establish its own European subsidiary in the CZ, very successfully established

In the same year, the first Brahma hardtops for pickups are purchased from the US, assembled and sold


Change of name toTaubenreuther GmbH andTaubenreuther Holding GmbH &



First participation and beginning of sponsorship of the Off-Road Festival in Somogybabod in Hungary – a cooperation which continues until the mid 90s


Taubenreuther is a founding member of the Association of German Off-Road Vehicle Accessories Companies


Taubenreuther Ges.m.b.H., which still exists today, is founded in Salzburg/Austria, today’s company headquarters: Anthering near Salzburg with own company building

In the same year the first car show after the reunification takes place in Leipzig, which Taubenreuther attends as an exhibitor


On June 3, the renovated company building at Am Schwimmbad 8 is destroyed by fire, within a few days the cause (arson) is known. So we clean up, buy new goods and store them in a provisional tent on the company's premises - and quickly set up 2 offices and a workshop in the old company building at the back so that things can continue. One year later, the topping-out ceremony of the new building body can be celebrated, which was only possible with the support of the local companies and the administration


Planning of the legendary Transylvania Trophy 1993 under the leadership of ORV (Offroad) with Wolfgang Traub and Alfons Czerny - scouting trips in the Ukraine and Romania with Sepp Röhrl, Matt Dumolt and Axel Taubenreuther are carried out and the roadbook is worked out


In May the Transylvania Trophy starts under the motto "we don't know what we are doing". 20 journalists from all over the world are chauffeured and taken care of by the Taubenreuther team - this first Trophy, which was followed by several more, became the adventure of a lifetime

In June 1993 the inauguration of the new modern company building can be celebrated with guests from USA - Australia - South Africa and all over Europe and of course with employees, customers and friends

In the same year Axel Taubenreuther wins the El Chott with Jürgen Teichert in the Mercedes G


Taubenreuther KFT in Sopron/Hungary is founded and exists to this day, with its own warehouse and office, in a suburb of Budapest

Also the second Transylvania Trophy takes place and is to be visited by the owner and CEO of WARN - Mike Warn.
A Pinzgauer 6x6 is specially bought and equipped for this purpose


Start of a cooperation until today with Dajbych 4x4 in Pilsen/CZ and the sale of own products in Poland

Logistic support of the WARN Adventure Tour Morocco by Jürgen Teichert ( still with our company)

In the same year Axel Taubenreuther takes the class win at the Baja Italia and the diesel class win at the UAE Dessert Challenge


Taubenreuther GmbH becomes ISO certified for the first time

1998 - 2019: 

Establishment and participation in an LTD in the UK, which is sold shortly before Brexit


The first functionally optimized online store is implemented

2000bis 2006: 

Taubenreuther becomes an accessory supplier for the Ford Ranger at Ford Germany and in connection with this a close cooperation with the US vehicle manufacturer is established


Support in the establishment of 4 Technique S.R.L. in Italy - a minority shareholding is still held today


Warehouse expansion at the site Am Schwimmbad, Kulmbach with a new building

2002 – 2007: 

Expansion of European sales and introduction of new products


Polaris, our supplier for ATVs and snowmobiles, takes the decision, under the then CEO, to entrust European sales to KTM, and KTM to handle, conversely, US sales to Polaris. There was even a stock swap! Only one year later we declined the offer to become active again as Polaris importer, because the cooperation between USA and Austria did not work. Polaris Germany was founded.

An own EDV department under the direction of Jens Hueske ( up to this day with the company) is built up, also in cooperation with a well known Kulmbach company


Purchase of an additional company site in Kulmbach


Establishment of Taubenreuther Romania in Cluj together with Franz Nagy, until today we hold 49% of the business shares


Lehman goes bankrupt and the world comes to an end, according to our banks of the time and we have to take a tough austerity course and are kindly asked to restructure our company - TGroup SE is founded in Austria as a holding company and for the central purchasing


RhinoRack roof rack products are officially taken into the Taubenreuther sales program and up to today the distribution is extended over almost all of Europe


ARB Australia opens its own office for Europe in Prague CZ, after more than 25 years of building the brand in Europe through Taubenreuther


Expansion of the development department and the introduction of a mobile scanner for the vehicle parts development in CAD

Our online store gets an update, is designed according to the Taubenreuther CI and PayPal is introduced as a payment method


Expansion of our efforts on Facebook to provide our customers with a better insight into our activities, diverse products and innovations


Assumption of the distribution of DECKED products from the USA


Taubenreuther appears on Instagram for the first time


Expansion of our YouTube channel with professionally produced videos around the topics offroad and camping


The Core Data department is being expanded in order to meet the demands for information and data even better in the future


Also for the 25th anniversary we are, as every year, represented at the Abenteuer & Allrad in Bad Kissingen